I finally heard my 6 year old say ‘ I love you’.

Z’s speech has started creeping in and he’s doing well, it’s mostly requesting. So he’ll say ‘toilet, or toilet time’ when obviously he needs the toilet.

There’s things I know he can say like the days of the week and months of the year and what ever I really write down for him.

This week he has learnt to ask for toast, he’ll come into the living room look at me and say ‘Toast’, then run into the kitchen as if to say we’ll come on it’s in here!

Picking up dad this week after shopping, he wanted to go for kfc as he’d been working late, Z’s munching on his chips, then says ‘drink’ lucky we had been shopping, so I jumped out and got him a smoothie.

That same night after shopping and buying a pack of 12 eggs Z decided to crack everyone on my kitchen floor. He came in saying ‘wet toes’ we thought he had had an accident until we saw the floor.

Just tonight he was crying, not sure why. He stopped, looked at me grabbed his gummy bears, and said ‘goodnight, bed time’, and toon himself up to bed. Yes he’s back down he walked in looked at where he left his chips and said ‘chips’ off I run to grab his chips lucky I didn’t put them into the recycling and now he’s sitting eating his chips!

Just last night in his photo shoot he was saying merry Christmas, and his teacher said he was hugging his little friend today and asking was she happy!

One day this week Z was in bed, I went in to put on Timmy time, he was pointing at the floor saying ‘pick it up, pick it up’, there laying next to his bed was his minion bath bottles! Of course I picked it up and handed it to him. ‘Ta’, I replied ta good boy, what do you want to watch, scrolling through and it was ‘no no no yea’ at Timmy time.

I went and was laying in bed listening to him babble away with the odd few words like ho ho ho, and next thing he jumped out of bed, ‘Toilet, toilet, toilet time!’ Back into bed and I ask him for a kiss, he always hides and laughs and I always pinch one before saying goodnight love you. So I ask him for a kiss, he hides giggling away, I pinch one and he said ‘goodnight’ so I replies goodnight, and next was ‘I love you’, love you too buddy!

So many new words or rather how to use the words this last week, If he can continue this throughout 2019 it’s going to be the making of him I think.

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