Last night when Z was finally going to sleep after crying, then laughing then crying some more I was thinking that this time last year he was just starting school. 
In all honesty I can’t say that he really had any words, maybe dad, Mam comes and goes. He had said the odd word, duck, no, gone,  but these were very few and far in between. 
Always after weeks of no sleep something happens, those mental leaps. He followed the wonder weeks well, hit most things except the social and language side, others like the cognitive he hit early. The physical things were on ‘time’. I know the signs of new leaps. The weeks leading up to, the no sleep and there’s always something new after. Things like noticing things, learning to do things like pull up his trousers or zip up his coat, things maybe others take for granted. 
These last few weeks we seem to have had words. If I show him words he says them. I was trying to think of what words he can say and I’d like to think we’re up to around fifty. As it’s the beginning of a new year, a new month I’m going to try and list them. Give me something to look at and see progress next year. 

  1. No 
  2. George 
  3. Ball
  4. All
  5. You
  6. Down
  7. Get down 
  8. Jod 
  9. To
  10. I
  11. Go
  12. Into
  13. He
  14. Me
  15. Be
  16. Was
  17. Geroff ( get off) 
  18. Dink  (drink )
  19. Cake 
  20. Nan
  21. Two 
  22. Three
  23. Gool ( school) 
  24. Good 
  25. Boy 
  26. Good boy
  27. Bye bye 
  28. Baby 
  29. Goodbye 
  30. Ta
  31. Hiya 
  32. Do
  33. Rar ( for George dinosaur rawr!) 
  34. Jump
  35. Have
  36. Dog 
  37. Egg 
  38. Funny 
  39. Yucky 
  40. Up 
  41. Or
  42. Door
  43. Mam
  44. Dad
  45. Are
  46. Open (opeen) 
  47. Big 
  48. Car 
  49. Boom 
  50. Banana 
  51. Tickle Dun ( don’t) 
  52. Oh no 
  53. All done

I’m sure there’s others that he’s saying that I can’t quite think off, he’s trying to put more words together to make sentances, like get down, or get off when I’m tickling him, and no don’t! That’s funny yet he keeps coming back for more tickles. 
He’ll spell lots of words and I can show him a word and he says most of them, so I know he can say the word just he don’t bother, were at that more babbling, more vocal stage like a toddler. He’s also started to make a pig sound if you say daddy pig, he’ll make a pig sound. If I say George, he’ll repeat George I’ll say dinosaur rawr, he’s say arrr, then oh no. All whilst giggling! I think maybe the oh no is either for effect or he’s worried I’ll start crying!

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