Think E is Z’s first friend, he ran to her when he first met her and tried to kiss her head, she was around 5 months. I panicked as even around 18 months he didn’t bother with any children, he ran though them. 
 As mine and J’s friendship has grown so as Z and E’s. I watch all the other children recognise one another, parallel play next to each other, this age I know they don’t play together, they are aware of others, Z isn’t really. Well, other than E. If he’s not seen E for a while he will go and try and hug her give her a kiss with a smile on his face. At one point he held out his hand, looked at E and ( J says!) he actually said hand. I love seeing that side to Z, the side that says with the correct help I can get the hang of this. He knows E, and she’s really good with Z. Considering she’s nearly a year younger and a lot smaller she’s good. 
 Today we went to the indoor play centre as its Tuesday. Z was in first, when she walked in he gave her a beaming smile, she had to do the jumping on the trampoline … 

He then insisted he got tickled…..
And took it to let’s climb all over you! 
 This is a huge step for Z, not only interacting but the physical side of it. Again it is only E he will attempt this with. 
 I hope she will continue to stick around with him, she seems to be his boost to his confidence. So as I’m lucky to have even met J think Z is just as lucky to have made a friend in E. 
 So from both Z and myself wanna say a big thanks for bringing him on! 💜


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