So last time I wrote about what he was getting up to, he had been to school for 8 weeks. We’re now in around week 20 minus the weeks off for Easter. 
So Z can still put his numbers in order, still knows the alphabet, and still makes choices of what drink he wants. 
Little progress he’s made  is in he’s gone back to enjoying colouring, he’ll sit and do some colouring  for me me again. He’s eating fish fingers, chicken nuggets, and pancakes, the sweet pancakes! 
He knows his colours, in the bath he was playing with his stackers, each time he held up one I’d say the colour. Then when he wasn’t holding any I’d say a colour and he would get that stacker from the water. 
He’s doing really well during his drum lessons, playing a little longer each time. 
He’s noticed babies and will try and kiss them or stick a dummy in their mouths! 
He’s saying lots of new sounds that sounds like words. I’m sure he’s trying to say crocodile, and he will shout oi! 
His teachers say he’s doing well at school, his concentration is getting much better and will work for tickles! 
Social skill wise he’s always been friendly to E, will cuddle her and give her a kiss, this last week he actually sat on a seesaw with a little boy from his class, outside of school hours. 
Now if only he could talk and tell me what he knows and why he does things! 

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